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Disclosing disability in workplace settings

Some employers actively welcome people with disabilities. Others are yet to develop an awareness of what they could be missing out on.

Disclosure is a hot topic of debate. Everyone will have their own perspective on it. How much do you want an employer to know about your disability, if at all? There is no legal obligation for an employee to disclose their disability unless the disability affects their capacity to perform the inherent requirements of the job.

It's up to you whether you disclose, how you disclose and when you disclose. It's your decision and it may be different according to each job application, your gut instinct at the time and your personal stance.

Use the way you introduce, describe and react about your own disability to set the agenda. There is great dignity in being in control of your disclosure.

Balance what you need in terms of workplace adjustments with maneouvering around your interviewers' attitudes'. It might be that you need to be clear about what your specific needs are during the interview stage; it might be that those sorts of details can be negotiated later once you've wowed them with your unique qualities.