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You've chosen to come to uni to better your chances out there. For many different reasons people with disabilities may find themselves behind the starting post when trying to enter the workplace.

This section is all about taking charge of your future.

Be strategic and self-direct your career plans. If there are limitations, think laterally. For example, consider related careers or seriously explore how technology can work for you.

Start piecing together the stages you will need towards your chosen career while you're still studying:

  • recognise the importance of taking on part-time work
  • explore volunteer experience opportunities
  • remember that professional organizations offer student memberships

Employer misconceptions about people with disabilities can still present real barriers to accessing meaningful employment. Build up your case as an employee who simply can't be overlooked. Most importantly, seek out the advice and experience of people who have been where you're at. Can Do is a great short video filled with tips on careers issues from recent UTS graduates with disabilities: