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Beyond categories

Thank goodness we can't categorise all creative human effort. Disabilty can lie at the core of some really exciting output which happily defies conventional genre or just mixes things up a little bit...

  • Irked Magazine is 'committed to the concept that people improve when they know someone is paying attention'
  • SHAMELESS: the ART of Disability: an iconic feature-length documentary about disability and creativity
  • Dizabled cartoons and the 'heart-warming adventures' of Leeder O. Men, from 'hardcore sitting' to the Handicap Edition of Wii Sports
  • Andre Jordan wry comments in cartoon format
  • The Gimp Parade sadly currently inactive, thankfully still maintaining online presence
  • Wordgathering a Journal of Disability Poetry. December 2009 issue includes the thoughts of Australian poet Philip Dowd 'on the emerging shape of disability poetry'
  • Breath & Shadow is a quarterly literary journal written and edited entirely by people with disabilities
  • Cripple Poetics: A Love Story by turns playful, unsettling, raw and moving, this love story for crip culture is an immersive and sensual correspondence that builds one keystroke at a time.