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How far does personal image determine our level of social inclusion? 

Andre Jordan's Dear Disabled Friend #31 cartoon, showing a rough drawing of an orthopaedic shoe and the text 'I am really sorry you don't like my present but the lady in the shop assured me that they had been specifically designed for the disabled and the elderly'

Credit: Andre Jordan

Some of us are arguing that the next step in disability advocacy involves addressing the image of disability in the wider culture. Can dress and appearance work to build our credibility on an equal par with other people?

Fashionable Eye for the Blind Guy…and Gal is run by UTS’s very own Dawson Ko.

Tiff’s fabulous full-on glamour attitude drives her No Free Rides postcast, featured on her extensive BeautyAbility site, and really delivers on relevant fashion info.

IZ Adaptive and Heels With Wheels are good examples of the type of specialist fashion house out there.

On the lighter side of things, The Gimp Store takes a different approach: you have been warned! There's also Simon Stevens' irreverent approach to the fashion scene during his visit to London Fashion Week (go to 3 min,10 sec - 5 min, 56 sec).