University of Technology, Sydney

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The essentials

At university you are responsible for your own success so it pays to learn about the system.

You'll be juggling various academic demands. You might be holding down part-time employment, too. Add the impacts of disability or illness into the mix and it can all start to feel a bit overwhelming.

But there is a lot you can do before it gets to that stage.

There are places within UTS to turn to when the going gets tough. Make an effort to learn about the many services already on offer – that way you'll know where to go quickly if you start to struggle:

  • The Student Services Unit (SSU) is your central contact point for a wide range of student-related services.

  • The Special Needs service: make an appointment as soon as you receive an offer for UTS. Discussing and setting up how you'll be managing your studies as early as possible will get your studies off to the best possible start.

  • A Disability Service Officer (DSO) will be matched with you once you've registered with Special Needs.
  • Your Disability Service Officer (DSO) will put you in touch with the relevant Academic Liaison Officer (ALO) in your Faculty.