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To disclose, or not to disclose your disability?

Obvious? Hidden? Entirely your own business? A point of pride?

We can't always be assured that our dignity won't be compromised by inappropriate reactions when we disclose our disabilities.

This is beginning to change as the wider public is becoming more informed. Being open about your disability is an intensely personal decision that often comes down to the circumstances you find yourself in. As you may already know, disclosure can be a constantly evolving dripfeed process.

Disclosure can be a tricky business. Some of us choose not to disclose all of the time for many reasons, including:

  • We fear discimination.
  • We fear loss of confidentiality.
  • We fear social exclusion.

This has to be weighed alongside the advantages of disclosing whilst you're at uni, such as:

  • Your personal approach to your studies can be structured and more openly negotiated to suit you better.
  • Claiming a sense of pride and ownership of your own position.
  • Be part of setting the agenda during a time of evolving attitudes (future students will thank you!)

Disclosure: It's a personal decision (opens an external site) talks in detail about effective disclosure.